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Barnard College

The College on a Hilltop

Barnard College, Columbia University
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Welcome to the lj community for Barnard College!

Barnard is "an independent college of liberal arts and sciences for women, affiliated with Columbia University." (I know there's columbia_u, but I thought it would be nice to have a community specifically for Barnard.)

Feel free to discuss anything relating to Barnard, Columbia University, college life in New York City, or anything else.

Just a couple requests:
-We love prospective students and like answering their questions, but please don't ask us to predict if you will be admitted. We really don't know; we aren't just saying that. The admissions stats on the Barnard Web site can be found here.
-The memories section is a work in progress that hasn't been updated since the summer, but it might be helpful to see if anything there helps you out.


If you're interested in the Barnard Library zine collection, take a look at barnardzines!
If you're a Barnard student and you have computing questions, check out barnardrca!
If you want to discuss women's colleges in general, you can go to womenscolleges!